Spanish Culture. The Three King's Celebration. Jan 6th.



The Wisdom of The Three Kings.






In Spain the 6th of January is the day that all kids look forward to. That's the day when people who have been good, get presents. (Día de Los Reyes Magos)





This tradition comes from the Bible. In England they are refered to as The Three Wise Men.  However, the English don't celebrate this day.







According to the Bible the Three wise Men,or 'Los Reyes' came from the Far East following a star.  That star was a momentus celestial occasion that predicted the birth of a new age, the birth of a new king and a new time. The King of the Jews.




 (Star=Estrella in Spanish) *Note: double 'L' is pronounced as a 'Y' sound.  So it sounds like 'Estreya'





They were referred to as wise men because of their knowledge of astrology and mathematics.  Melchior was from Persia and brought Frankincence, Caspar was an Indian scholar and he brought Gold, while Baltasar was Arabic, and he brought Myrrh.  





And that is why today, Spanish children write their lists and send them to the Three Kings, and then, on the 6th of January, there is a big parade when the Three Kings arrive and deliver their presents.  





That is, of course, providing they have been good and not naughty.

If not, they get coal! (carbon)






The Three Wise Men are usually pictured riding an elephant from India, a camel from Persia, and a horse from Arabia




  Spanish note *    (Elephant = Elefante)     (Camel = Camello)      (Horse = Caballo)






The Three Wise Men brought their gifts to honor the birth of the New King. It could be argued that another gift that they brought with them was the gift of knowledge, of wisdom.




The gift of  Arabic and Indian Numerals, in particular the number Zero '0', which didn't exist before it was invented by Indian scholars in the second century BC .





Along with the Roman alphabet, these are the same Arabic numerals we still use today.








Check out this video for more on Roman and Arabic numerals





¡¡Feliz Reyes!!